Identity Theft better gear up…

We are a corporate agency for LifeLock® Identity Theft Solutions another layer we offer to help protect, grow your business and keep you in business!

And I enroll the ultimate plan for myself and family. On an average there are 3 to 5 black market enquiries to my credit every week!

Identity theft has become a national and international epidemic, if you have been to any store that has had a breach (like home depot, target, etc) you are likely to have your identity stolen. The numbers and costs are staggering. Don’t confuse credit card theft with identity theft!

As small business you are a primary target, the average cost of a breach is around $100,000 per location! You need to add a level of protection that safeguards your employees, your business, and your clients. There is no hard costs to you the employer as it is a voluntary benefit-easy application, and all done through payroll deductions for as little as 10 month.

What is Identity Theft Protection Service? Identity theft can be a nightmare that can damage your employees’ finances, credit and even their personal reputation. With identity theft protection from LifeLock, your employees can stay focused on your business while LifeLock stays focused on helping protect them from this every day risk. LifeLock® protection proactively monitors an extensive network for the use of personal information.† If a threat is detected, LifeLock alerts members by phone, email or text before the damage is done.
The Necessary, Voluntary Benefit for Your Employees Your employees are concerned about identity theft, and as their trusted benefits provider, they want you to offer them protection. In fact, 39% of employees said they would be likely to purchase identity theft protection as a benefit through payroll deduction.

With LifeLock identity theft protection, your employees will have peace of mind knowing their identity is being watched 24/7/365.

There were over 12.6 million victims of identity theft at a cost of nearly $21 billion dollars in 2012.2

Identity theft Protection Fits Within Your Benefits Portfolio Your organization is already taking the steps to protect employee data. Give your employees access to the tools that safeguard their information outside of work. Unlike some other benefits you already offer that appeal to limited employee demographics, identity theft protection is a universally relevant, voluntary benefit that all employees need because everyone has an identity to protect.
The many Good reasons to offer lifelock® service

 Employees want it

 No hard costs to employers

 No participation minimums

 Low maintenance administration

 Convenience of payroll deduction

 Many levels of protection to choose from

 Dedicated implementation and marketing support

 industry leading identity Theft Protection
LifeLock offers the most comprehensive identity theft protection to millions of members.† LifeLock service constantly scans billions of data points, searching for potentially fraudulent activity.
 recognized expertise
Law enforcement agencies and victim advocacy groups seek the expertise of LifeLock. Through an affiliation with the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association, LifeLock has conducted extensive training about identity theft prevention for over 1,000 law enforcement agencies from coast to coast.
 Award-winning Product
In 2012, Javelin Strategy & Research named LifeLock Ultimate™ service “Best in Class overall” in identity theft protection solutions. Also recognized was the proactive nature of LifeLock Ultimate service, naming it “Best in Detection”.
 Advanced iD network®
The foundation of LifeLock protection is the only cross-industry compilation of identity information in the U.S. It’s used and trusted by six of the top 10 financial services companies, three of the top four wireless carriers, the Social Security Administration and other identity theft protection services.

lifelock identity Theft Protection LifeLock® identity theft protection helps proactively safeguard personal information and alerts members of potential threats.
lifelock ultimate LifeLock Ultimate™ service is the most comprehensive identity theft protection service ever created and even includes monitoring of new and existing checking and savings accounts.
service features lifelock identity Theft Protection lifelock ultimate Credit Application Alerts† 

 Non-Credit Alerts

 Lost Wallet Protection

 Address Change Verification

 Black Market Website Surveillance

 Reduced Pre-Approved Credit Card Offers

 Award-Winning Member Service 24/7/365

 $1 Million Total Service Guarantee‡

 Alias Name and Address Monitoring

 Court Records Scanning

 File-Sharing Network Searches

 Unauthorized Payday Loan Notifications

 Sex Offender Registry Reports

 Checking and Savings Account Application Alerts

 Bank Account Takeover Alerts

 Enhanced Credit Application Alerts

 Online Annual Credit Reports and Scores

 Monthly Credit Score Tracking  Priority Award-Winning Member Service 24/7/365 
Help Protect Your employees, your business, your clients.

LifeLock Eligibility Minimum Group Size: 2 Minimum Participation: none Individual Eligibility Information:  Valid Social Security number  U.S. resident (includes Puerto Rico and Guam)  Spouse/Children can only be enrolled with the enrollment of the primary  Name, home address, date of birth, Social Security number, email address and phone number are required for each member at the time of enrollment Ages: Protection for employees and spouses age 18+ and children (up to age 26)**
LifeLock Enrollment and Administration Enrollment Methodologies:
Pre-enrollment Employee Communications: LifeLock provides a variety of pre-enrollment employee informational tools to choose from and will work with you to ensure employees are made aware of this valuable benefit.
**As LifeLock Identity Theft Protection and LifeLock Ultimate service are available for adults 18 years of age and older, children under the age of 18 will receive a product designed specifically for minors. On their 18th birthday, children enrolled in LifeLock Junior™ will automatically be upgraded to the same level

Frank J. Eberhart, CEP®, RFC®, Author





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