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Report: 2016 saw 8.5 million mobile malware attacks, ransomware and IoT threats on the rise

In 2016, the number of malicious installation packages hit more than 8.5 million-three times more than the year before, according to a report on mobile malware evolution from Kaspersky Lab, released on Tuesday. The firm registered nearly 40 million attacks by malicious mobile software over the course of the year as well.

Most hackers claim they can break target systems in under 12 hours

The majority of hackers claim they can break through cybersecurity defenses and infiltrate their target’s systems within hours, according to new research.

While most reports only state stats and figures, the Nuix Black report attempts to separate itself by approaching security from the view of researchers as well as penetration testers. The report, released on February 23, says that more than three-quarters of hackers — 88 percent in total — who responded to the Nuix survey believe most network defenses can be breached within 12 hours.

In total, roughly a third said that their activities were never noticed by their victims — and 17 percent of hackers claimed it would take them no longer than two hours to breach a target.

Creepy IoT teddy bear leaks >2 million parents’ and kids’ voice messages

A maker of Internet-connected stuffed animal toys has exposed more than 2 million voice recordings of children and parents, as well as e-mail addresses and password data for more than 800,000 accounts.

The account data was left in a publicly available database that wasn’t protected by a password or placed behind a firewall




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