Saved Our Clients over 1 billion in RX Prescriptions

 Our free discount prescription cards to     anyone that can benefit or is looking to save money on their prescription medications


  • Can be used by anyone regardless of age, income or nationality;
  • Provides an average savings of 15% for brand name medications and 55% for generic medications, savings as high as 85% have been realized on certain medications;
  • Can be used at over 80% of pharmacies nationally . Most nationally drug store chains and supermarkets along with many independent pharmacies accept our discount drug card;
  • No information is necessary to use our discount drug card and because we do not collect names or other personal information from our cardholders, we do not distribute or sell cardholder information to outside sources;
  • Is a bearer card – can be used by anyone. One card can be used by an entire household;
  • Provides an online drug lookup and pharmacy locator for comparison shopping;
  • Does not have any restrictions for use, except that it cannot be combined with insurance;
  • Covers all FDA-approved medications and many Lifestyle medications such as erectile dysfunction, obesity, infertility, etc.;
  • Can be used for medications not covered under your insurance formulary;
  • Can be used in the Medicare Part D coverage gap (donut hole);
  • Can be used as a fundraiser to help organizations raise funds for various projects. Fundraisers are not charged an enrollment fee to join our drug card program as a distributor;
    • Social service agencies
    • Government agencies
    • Health clinics
    • Hospitals
    • Corporations
    • Doctors’ offices
    •  Ask your Employer, Doctor, Hospital, Family Clinic if they would like a supply of our discount prescription cards to distribute or display 

      What a great benefit for all…and it’s FREE




Author: Lendingcapital.net

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