The Smart Way To Find a Loan

Well my last few blogs have been about what happens when you apply for a loan of any kind.

Companies set up algorithms at lets say 680 FICO score and you hit 679…you just got turned down.

2nd problem is they have a limited scope of lenders (like CreditKarma etc.) or just a single lender you applied for, and each time you hit that little “lets see what you qualify for” it uses a “soft” pull. Sounds good right? Didn’t hit my credit report right? WRONG

Soft pulls are recorded in a different credit file than hard pulls, hard pulls show up immediately, most credit inquiries stay on your record for 2 years or more, that includes soft pulls.

What happens it accumulates the “soft pulls” and eventually (the lenders see these) and as you have to many-instant turn down. Generally speaking, only about 10-15% of people get approved and usually not what they requested.

Our award winning service searches over 30 top lenders & banks in 60 seconds without impacting your credit score…that’s one “Soft Pull” to reach 30 plus lenders and find the best matches that you can select from. From personal, student, business, auto, home improvement loans and more.

Go to & Start my free search



Specialized lenders faster access to capital From term loans to lines of credit and everything in between, our marketplace of specialized lenders across multiple industries gives our customers easier, faster access to capital. Subprime to A-rated Serving a wide range of borrowers Territories: US-Canada

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