Health of Small Business

It affects our everyday lives

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I have many requests to repost my mental health post: so here it is

I’ll make this short and sweet…Break the mold

I’m not talking about financial health -although if you are not thinking clearly or stressed it can & will affect financial health.

I’m speaking about physical, mental, stress health of small business owners and employees

Needless to say money, finding good employees, making payroll, paying general bills, and having enough left over to try and expand the business are always key factors in the stress test for small business. We are always looking for money, better marketing, and lead generation.

What we neglect is ourselves. Yep, sleep, eating right, vitamins, exercise, working 60-80 hours a week.

All of this overlaps into our personal lives as well, family relationships, kids, parents, friends, and lack of social life.

First things first see your doctor (this is men & women)

  1. Regular checkups
  2. Get a cardiologist
  3. Start a routine exercise program (home or install at work) at least 10-15 minutes of exercise 3 times a week
  4. Vitamins-get a complete vitamin like Alive (fruits & veggies plus)
  5. Use a sports workout enhancement like Six star in the morning or before working out.
  6. Use a testosterone supplement (adds energy, stamina, and other good things)
  7. Not sleeping ask your doctor for something that will help…melatonin is good
  8. If need be change your diet or set up where you eat healthier and more regular meals
  9. Take at least one day or weekend & take your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend out to dinner & relax

Take a few minutes a day to meditate…you will be surprised on how it can help.

All of these things combined work, I know from my own experience-a healthy mind and body

Try it…



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