2023…Sounds like science fiction

Sounds like science fiction…in some sense it probably is (if your delusional).

Each year our government spends America close to bankruptcy, and in many many cases they take us with them (not them personally)..just us

Its a disturbing trend for sure.

As business owners & as individuals it becomes a dauting task to stay afloat, feed our families, and keep the doors open for business.

Americans ae resilient, but this requires even more diligence on our part to counter act these supposedly smart ones in DC. Like the Fed raising rates-maybe they need to look in the rearview mirror?

7% core inflation (they leave out things we use everyday-you like food, gas, heat, clothes) vs. 14% real inflation, 34% credit card interest, 7% mortgages, 15-40% business loans, etc.

The solution is not an easy one, things we need to do like cutting out nonessential purchases, finding credit cards with zero interest to transfer to, creating a budget & sticking with it, car pooling (remember those days?) eating out less, exercise to help relieve stress, maybe a personal or business loan to consolidate higher interest rate cards (gives you light at the end of the tunnel-if you do it make sure you pay them off).


All of these conditions are from politicians who have become so engrossed in themselves they forgot why they were hired in the first place. It was pretty obvious 2020 & 2022 our votes really did not count except where they wanted them to.

Time to make them count again-we need 40% less government, less taxes, less regulations, more oversight, accountability, performance reviews (just like business) & the ability to vote them out if they fail, review of their taxes, expense accounts, lobbyist contributions, how many aids they employ, an open checkbook so we can see where they are spending, or wasting our tax dollars, and actually support our military and veterans.

We need the people we elect to take not just a pledge to America-a pledge to the American citizen to uphold our constitutional republic and the freedoms only we as America enjoy.

Take back America…


Author: Lendingcapital.net

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