Ways To Increase Online Sales

Ways To Increase Online Sales

Headline Should Emphasize Benefit to Customer

Advertising legend David Ogilvy famously said, “5 times as many people read the headline as read the body copy,” and numerous studies have since confirmed the disproportionate importance of headlines. Marketer Derek Gehl emphasizes that an effective headline tells the customer not what the product is, but what it does for them.

Optimize for Page Skimmers

People’s brains don’t really read full sentences. We skim them and fill in the blanks (explaining this optical illusion). Compose your copy in a way that lets people get the most important information quickly. Break up text using headlines and subleaders; bold, italicize, and underline key words and phrases. Use bulleted or numbered lists instead of listing things in long sentences.

Get Rid of Image Carousels

Recently the darlings of web design, image carousels are fast falling out of favor. They confuse users and provide too many options.

Many major brands have switched back to static banner images. Static images have the added benefit of forcing you to determine which single image, deal, or piece of copy you want to highlight. This limitation is good, as it will streamline and simplify your user experience.

Add a Security or Trust Seal to Checkout

According to one study, 18% of consumers have abandoned a purchase in checkout because they did not trust the site with their credit card info. The same study found that any symbol denoting security on the checkout page can increase user trust.

Go to various website tools like SEMrush or others to test how your site ranks in number of hits, clicks, demographics & trust etc. They can help you correct & guide you on how to fix them.

Best to all for 2023.